Monday, July 14, 2014

Petting Zoo and Flower Power Week

On Tuesday we had some animal friends over! What an enjoyment that was for our children- they were able to feed, pet and brush different animals. We had a donkey, a pony, sheep, goats, ducks and bunnies on the playground!
During our Flower Power Week children enjoyed learning about parts of a flower, what does a flower need to thrive, different kinds of flowers, songs and many arts and crafts, as well as designing their own flowers from food. Lastly, we watched a flower puppet show .

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Welcome to the Summer Camp!

Our first week of Summer Camp was all about Ladybugs. How do they look, where do they live, what do they may have heard about their six legs, antennas, black spots, how they are good for your garden because they munch on aphids...or maybe you enjoyed your child singing this week's popular tune "Five Little Ladybugs"! We have also enjoyed "Spiderella and Ladybugs" puppet show, our own fruity ladybug creations, and of course Water Play days!

"Spiderella" puppet play beautifully designed by our own Ms.Sumana

We even dipped our feet in paint for these cute bugs

Little Fruity Ladybug sitting on a Leaf

about to be eaten


Sighting of a real one in our garden! Can you imagine the excitement?

Never ending fun of water play