Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Who is the guy that brings the reptiles with four legs, hard shells, and scaley skin bodies?
He will be our special guest tomorrow.
Stayed tuned for pictures on Thursday!

Bad Hair Day

It was a rainy day today. We went outside this morning. We worked on our rainbow fish art project. Manique read us the story about the "Rainbow Fish" who gave away all of her scales but was still beautiful and loved playing with her friends. This afternoon we sang songs and shared a snack.


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This week we
Listened to stories with Kim
Made and ate Jello with Mary Ann and Sharon
Had parachute fun with the Dynamic Fit Kids
Read the "Rainbow Fish" and made our own fish
Had musical circles
Had fun with friends

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wood scrubbing

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The girls are doing wood scrubbing by the Coneflowers.

Tuesday AM cooking class

Tuesday AM cooking class
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This week we made jello with the toddlers. We chopped fruit, stirred in ice cubes, cherry jello and hot water. Then we laddled the jello into cups with the fruit and pluncked it into the fridge to set. Great idea, Sharon.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The first week of summer vacation I went to Montessori Camp! The children are settling in and enjoying all the new work--games, shell scrubbing and painting, a house and barn work, arts and crafts, lots of building work. The first week special was drama. Anita came in and told the story of how the stars got into the Milky Way. She said it was her favorite story. The children loved it and got right back into the groove of acting it out during the second telling. I can't wait to see what she comes up with in September.

We schedule the outside activities as follows. The water tables are always out. Some gardening activities, music, T-ball, building blocks, also are always out. We have the bouncy room out on Monday and Friday, the wading pool on Tuesday and Thursday and the special events almost always on Wednesday. This week is the pony ride on Wednesday morning.

Needed items: egg shells, cleaned of all contents

bicycle helmets, outgrown gloves and socks, knitted - you know all those one sock, one glove that you were going to throw away but hoped you would find the other, all sizes.

We have been watering the garden. Hannah, Liam and I found a praying mantis in the egg plants, great but a beautiful beetle on the tomatoes--not so good. The worms are thriving and multiplying. Beck's dad gave us some potatoes and we planted them and they grew overnight. We have little tiny cucumbers, the smallest peppers I have ever seen, tomatoes, and eggplants.

So the garden is doing well--so far.

Parent helpers are Kim (Jeff Eugene's mom), who loves to read, came Monday. She read books by Tomie dePaola and and Keiko Kasza to the children. Alison Lee is helping me with the blog. She added the slide show of Tweety and the hatching dinosaur to the blog. If you get a chance, check out the Positive Discipline website link. Jane Nelson has a short video.

Sharon Shih is going to cook with us, Yum!

Till next time, happy camping!!!