Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Room 11 Robins

Open and shut

Building Blocks

Lining up the cars


Punching holes

Triple the fun

Our new friend, Sunshine


Stacking pegs

Washing a window

Stacking on a rug

Reading a book in the library

Room 12 The Seagulls

Enjoying snack

Making an "a" with beans

Adding piggies

Who's that handsome boy?

Writing work

Pallet water colors

Life cycle of a bulb

Working on the USA puzzle together

Building a pyramid

Basil leaves into the food chopper

Add some oil

Smell the garlic

Room 13 Cardinels

Outside with friends

Digging in the sand

Climbing up high

Red and Blue number rods

Movable alphabet with objects

Special bead stringing

Tracing in the sand

What's inside?

Knobbed cylinders.