Wednesday, September 28, 2011

VonThun Farm 2

Smile! Your gonna love this trip.

Two pumpkins and a toddler.


It only rained a little bit.


Hey Pal!!

Are you serious?

But I want to go this way.

Nothing like a little hay for lunch.

Von Thun Farm Trip 2

Here we are choosing a sugar pumpkin.

I like this one the best

Let's get back to the goats.

My Daddy came.

Time to get off.

We had fun!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Classroom Workshop

Toddler Talk

This is the knobbed cylinder

Watching a classic presentation.

Sandpaper letter "m"

This is the language area.

We sing songs to get the day started.

Lunch Time Room 11

I loooove lunch!!

The grapes are yummie

The butter needs to be spread around
some more.

Much better butter.

Did you say chicken nuggets!!

I like my pasta warm.


My favorite part of the day.

What should I eat first?

Monday, September 19, 2011

First Week: Class of 2011-2012 Pt. 1

Reading a book.

Recognizing faces in the Yearbook.

I'll help you!

Snack time.

Aren't they beautiful?

Learning numbers.

Would you care for one?

Washing windows.

Water work.

First Week: Class of 2011- 2012 pt.2

Back from India!

I like my new school.

Cutting work.


Lots of blue for the Oceans.

Making words.

utting on shoes by himself.

Say Cheese!

Sewing work

Tracing in sand.