Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Saint Lucia

The Feast of Saint Lucia is a traditional Scandinavian holiday celebrated on December 13th, and features the oldest girl in a family (or in this case, classroom) carrying lights and sweets. Here are a few photos from the Saint Lucia Day celebration in the Seagulls classroom.You can read more about the Feast of Saint Lucia here.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Activity Night

Long overdue post about Activity Night, finally here! The kids enjoyed a super fun night on December 5th, thanks to the efforts of the PTO. There was lots of good food, face painting, and silly games in the gathering room. It was a great chance for parents to meet or just catch up with each other during the cold winter spell too!
A rousing game of Duck Duck Goose!

More Activity Night Pics

The highlight of Activity Night was a special appearance by Tickles the Clown. She did the face painting and put on a hilarious magic show for the kids. They LOVED it, even the adults were laughing out loud throughout. It was a blast! I'm still wondering about those magic coloring book pages....how do they do that?!