Monday, January 20, 2014

Martin Luther King Day

Happy Birthday Dr.King! We have celebrated his birthday with books, works, cooking...but maybe the best descriptive of MLK's influence is an event that happened on the playground. There were several girls playing in the castle house, who when approached by two girls and a boy, loudly exclaimed: 'No boys allowed". That did not fly with the latter group, which ran up to the teacher and still in disbelief, confided:" That is not fair rule. We have to change it. They should change it! We should go back to the castle and tell them it is not fair, and it cannot be a rule. Everyone is allowed in the castle because it belongs to all the children. Yeah, it belongs to the school. Lets go!" And they went and changed rules and made peace...Just like Martin Luther King JR. taught us...:)

Introducing the life of Martin Luther King Jr.

Making Vanilla and Chocolate Pudding


Cooking Play dough in different colors

Different colors together
Even if it is different color it is still the same play dough

Saturday, January 18, 2014

International Social

We are truly grateful for the diverse community we have at our school! This Social was a beautiful celebration of our differences and richness of our cultures. Warm thank you to all of you who came, performed, shared your talents, food and crafts!