Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Thanksgiving Feast

It was the Day of the Feast! Finally here and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone! We are very thankful for a special visit by Louis' Dad--Chef Carmine who brought and carved our Turkey. Please have a look at our festivities below. Happy Thanksgiving to All!





Monday, November 25, 2013

Preparing for the Thanksgiving Feast

In preparation for our Thanksgiving Feast on Tuesday, our classrooms were busy washing, slicing, peeling, squeezing, measuring, mixing, kneading and rolling.  The wonderful scent filled the school and  brought many questions like "Is it done? Can we have it now? I can smell it, can you? Where is it? Is it still in the oven? Can I try it?"  and more...

Apple slicing for Applesauce

Combining all the ingredients for our Biscuits

Sifting the flour

Rolling the dough

Cutting out our biscuits

Making the Cranberry Sauce

Final product

Have to peel all those Potatoes and Carrots

last one!