Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Carnival, Montessori Style

Face Painting

                                                                   Cotton Candy
                                                              Roller Coaster

                                                     Cotton Candy again

                                                   Let's go riding in the car.
                                                           Beep, beep

Summer with Tickles the Clown

                                           Tickles came to visit.
                                           Safety is the theme.
Tickles, You are soo funny!!
She also did some magic tricks.

                                                       We love you, Tickles!

Petting Zoo

Brushing rabbits
Miss Piggy

Brush the goats

Rabbits like sassafrass

Goats like sassafras too.

You're soo cute

The horse trainer

More summer

Sand pile.  My favorite.


Listening corner


Water play

We love to swing!

Summer Fun

Playing in the water. My favorite!
The Glider. Want  a ride?