Monday, November 8, 2010

Diwali party

We celebrated Diwali last week. It's an Indian festival. Diwali means "Festival of Lights"

Parents share their Diwali customs.

Children in their finery, Namaste!

Teachers and children on Diwali day.

Pumpkin comes alive!

At the Oktoberfest party, Adam carved a pumpkin for the kids.

The audience is all set to watch.

They want to see what is inside.

And out came what was inside.


Then he draws Mr. Pumkin's face.

He carves out his eyes -- slowly making it come alive.

And then, he comes alive.



The school held an Oktoberfest party at a park. Kids came dressed in their Halloween finery.

Adam welcomed them with a song and a smile.

Kids hovered around the craft desk as they listened to the Beatles.

That table was a kid magnet.

Even the parents couldn't resist.

Thomas the Train Engine came.

So did a Cowboy.

Then we had a BIG circle time.

Maryann came dressed as a Witch.